A new puzzle game - quick to play, hard to master.


Quebix is the addictive puzzle game that everybody is talking about. A fresh take on a classic puzzle, Quebix has been especially designed for touch devices making it intuitive and easy to learn. Over 100 levels which build in complexity making it fun for all ages.

Quebix can be played on iPad, iPhone (including 6, 6+) and iPod Touch. Quebix requires iOS 8. Video previews on different devices are available on the App Store


  1. Play the levels from the beginning. The early levels help you see patterns and let you see that only 2 or 3 moves can make a big difference.

  2. Use two fingers to peek around the sides. This helps you ‘get into’ the 3D space which can help you spot patterns between different rows

  3. Keep an eye on the target colors at the top - sometimes they are not what you expect

  4. Less moves = more bonus points

  5. Less time = more bonus points

  6. More cubes oriented correctly = more bonus points

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