ezTimeline lets you use an iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch to visually see events on a timeline and display extra details about those events. Events can have one or more images and can also have tags attached. The tags give the ability to find events which share attributes or to exclude certain events.

Sample timelines are included in the application:

  1.     Presidents of the USA

  2.     Monarchs of England

  3.     Prime Ministers of Australia

  4.     Superbowls

Anybody can create a timeline and they can easily be shared with other people. We hope that a lot of people create them and hopefully share what they have created with everybody. Finding out information about when things occurred and being able to see that visually, finding similarities or patterns in multiple events and exploring the details of those events can be exiting. The more people who create timelines and share them with each other, the more useful this app will be.

Has all of the features and samples already included. Limited to having only one imported timeline.


No limit on importing.